Represent yourself

Hats & Toques

We create leather patches for hats and toques that represent local communities.

Endless designs, various types of headware, and representing locally, what’s there not to love?


Whether it’s Winnipeg to Churchill – we got your covered! 


Let’s represent our love for science and its contributions to progress.


For all the things that are between aardvarks to zyzzyva, anything that lifts up and inspires belong here. 

Custom Designs

We do custom orders! If you have an idea or a design that wants to put onto a hat or a toque, we can do that too. The process involves looking at the digital graphics files to see if it is feasible and what must be done to change it engravable.

Contact us for details.

Winnipeg Wu-Tang inspired Fluorescent Orange Toque

What a way to represent WInnipeg with this Wu-Tang Clan inspired Winnipeg toque. Winnipeg Wu-Tang inspired Fluorescent Orange Toque. More colours to come!




IG: @beakrwpg