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 About Beakr

Beakr – just as the name suggests is a versatile glassware that’s commonly used in chemistry laboratories.  Stemming from our initial laser cut custom graphics design of Erlenmeyer Designs, Beakr focuses on the leather goods and apparel than wood working. 

We want to continually create leather patches that are unique and representative of your style, community, and more importantly yourself. We know that hats and toques are a way to express your identity and we want to create the opportunities for your identity to be manifested. 

About leather patches

What we do is to create leather patches that include local communities with styles that are urban. We also allow you to send your custom designs and make them onto hats and toques as well. 

Our leather patches are laser engraved and cut and are bonded with the headware. The leather is purchased through a Canadian company and are selected based on its thickness and colour. Due to the nature of leather, some patches may not appear identical to the ones on the pictures. 

About Hats and Toques

The hats and toques are purchased from a wholesaler in Canada. Each hat and toque are unique in its materials, size, and design. Please review the FAQ and pictures of the product to see the dimensions of each. 


Custom Designs

We do custom orders! If you have an idea or a design that wants to put onto a hat or a toque, we can do that too. The process involves looking at the digital graphics files to see if it is feasible and what must be done to change it engravable.

Contact us for details.





IG: @beakrwpg